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How to Add Images to your Profile

Jun 27, 2023 06:22
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Let's get visual - add images to your profile.

Get into the habit of naming your work photos.

How To Add Images to Your Profile

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Find your Profile

...via the Dash
Find your profile on ArtCube Nation
Via the Menu
  • Log in to ArtCube Nation.
  • Click your avatar
  • Select “My Cube”
  • Select “My Profile
Edit your Business ArtCube Business profile

Activate Edit Mode

  • Select the Blue Pencil in the top right corner of your profile.
  • Your Portfolio will  now be in Edit Mode
  • Click the “+” to open your Media Library.

Upload Files

Upload files Tab

  • Upload filesChoose  to upload from your device or drag and drop images.
  • Please resize your images to 100KB or less.  Your page will load faster.
Upload file folder tab
Avatars: Square and 100 KB or under

Select your Image

Media Library Tab

  • Uploaded files go to your Media Library.
  • They remain here until deleted. 
Media Library where all your images are stored.
Delete duplicates. It slows site speed,

Add Alt Text!

  • A good format to follow:
  • Prop House / ABC Rentals Logo 
  • Prop Stylist / Alex Smith Bio Image
  • Search engine crawlers read this text to index and rank your profile.
  • This increases your chances of your photo appearing in Google searches.

    Read more about SEO for Freelancers.

SEO for Freelancers - add alt text and a description! so meta!
Google Bots like to read, add text!

Finally, Resolution.

ArtCube Nation caters to visual industries and we are primed to want larger, high-resolution images for printing!  

We do want to provide Film Industry job opportunities and let your profile shine and also provide a platform that loads quickly overall.

Print resolution is not what your website needs nor does ArtCube Nation.

Take a minute and look over these tips to save you storage space, and better indexing of your page!

READ: 5 ways to compress your iPhone images.


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