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Animator to Create Fly-Through of an Event : URGENT

Animator Jobs ArtCube NatonL 3D blue cube with the word ANIMATOR

I need an animator or 3D modeler to build an animated fly-through of an event – preferably using Unreal Engine or Cinema 4D but also open to suggestions, I will provide references and all creative instructions. Please message any questions! Location is of course totally flexible and fully remote. I am based in NYC on […]

Looking for lodging in East London

Hello! I’m a New York City based musician looking for a place to rent in East London while I’m rehearsing for a tour.  My dates are 29 July to 1 September

Prop assistant in IRE

Hey there! We’re on the lookout for an awesome prop assistant in Dublin or London for an upcoming project. The gig is totally remote from my end and we will be communicating via email and phone to do the shopping. Here’s the deal: All creative work needs to be completed by May 4th You need […]

???? HELLO 4.0! ArtCube Nation will be SHUT DOWN OVER THE WEEKEND.

ArtCube Nation will be shutdown for a sitewide major upgrade and LAUNCH of ARTCUBE 4.0.  We are migrating to a new server and new platform for robust performance and fast scalability. In Art Department terms, it’s kinda like… …if you had to reproduce every location “down to the thimbles” from an LA 5-season episodic to multiple sound stages in […]

Update on ‘slate’ app for tagging your photos is the easiest iPhone/iPad app ever created for tagging photos for recces, on-set continuity and prop inventory and it is gaining traction with a cohort of users. Write once to shoot many, change the captions on the fly and make the photos searchable. It’s the only app that does this. It was an idea […]

New Continuity App

Hello, I’m a propmaster with 25 years experience and for years I wanted this tool and couldn’t find it, so I built it.  If you take continuity photos or recce photos or inventory photos and wish they could be text captioned and searchable instantly, then you will love this app. You can throw away the […]

Scenic wanted

Need double sided back drop made for burlesque show in London budget £100 any takers?

Do you need a Graphic Designer?

It’s been some time since I posted on Artcube so please let me know if this isn’t the right topic to post in. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is somewhat better this year than the last. I wanted to put my services out there for whoever needs it. I’m a graphic designer in the film […]

Introducing your new Community Manager, Jess Costa!

Morning Cube! When we posted we were looking for a new Cube team member, we got a lot of wonderful applicants and got to better know some of our amazing members We wish we could hire them all, what an impressive community full of talent! We only got to pick one, the stars aligned and […]


Hello Cube, We hope you all are holding up okay. NYC Cuber, and Prop Master/Fabricator Christa Brunks  and partner made this awesome tutorial video for making face shields. link Here is a link to a Drop Box of patterns and specs link if you’d like to fabricate for your medical community at home. Over the weekend in NYC, let by […]

New Year, New Features – Search Page + more to come.

ArtCube has big plans for 2020.   Last night, we released phase one of four of the new Search Page. We also added your settings editor and profile view to the menu bar.   Phase one: Search for previous posts. Now you can search for posts by keywords. Head to your dash Click SEARCH on […]

Cube Tips: How to contact a Cuber directly + uploading your resume.

Howdy Cube, How to contact a Cuber directly Click the Cuber’s link to go to their profile. There’s a contact button right under their avatar. How to upload your resume Go to your settings. Select resume and upload a PDF. When you reply to a job, you can tell them your resume is in your […]

Graphic Design/Art Department PA/Set Dresser Ready to Work

Hi Cubist/Cubers/Cubes, My name is Soodam and I’m a graphic designer in the film/commercial industry. The first time I posted on Artcube, I met a great production designer, whom I still work with a year later so I wanted to see if I can build more work relationships! As a designer, I have Adobe Photoshop, […]

Now you can send a direct message from a Cuber’s profile.

Hey Cube! We added a CONTACT button to everyone’s profile. It’s just below the avatar! This is private communication that moderators do not see. (We do have access to them if there is report of abuse.) — DEVELOPMENT UPDATES: Development-wise, we are upgrading 1) search capabilities 2) communication channels. —- ACTION ITEMS When you have […]

Time to add your resume, social links, work photos to your profile.

Greetings Cube! Cube profiles just got a function and design shot in the arm. Head to your settings. WHAT CAN I ADD? Resume, social links, avatar, resume, job categories, tags, bio and photos of work examples. WHY? Cubers can contact you directly from your profile. If you reply to a job post, the original poster […]

Your ArtCube profile just got a major facelift + new feature!

Hey Cube! We’ve been busy bees behind the scenes! What’s new? Contact a Cuber directly via their profile Redesigned profile interface Mobile optimization upgrade What should you do?  Head to your Settings Add bio, avatar, resume and social links Upload resume and work photos Ask for recommendations from co-workers  FYI You can view your profile in […]

Graphic Designer for your next film/commercial

Hello! My name is Soodam and I’m a graphic designer based in Los Angeles. I work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign along with wet and dry media to design and make the props. If you need a newspaper cover, a menu sheet, street signs, fake vintage documents, handwritten letters, I can help you. You […]

Soodam Lee-Graphic Designer/Illustrator for Hire!

Hi, I’m a graphic designer based in Los Angeles, CA. I work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and am also experienced in calligraphy, hand lettering and painting. You can see all my projects that showcase my skillset on I welcome new experiences and chances to make graphic props for your next film/commercial. Thank you for […]

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