Clay Fabrication Asst needed

Hi! I need assistance with clay prop and character modeling. I’m creating characters and props for a short-form episodic that’ll be broadcast on FX. it’s fun stuff, not super skilled, […]

Prop Master needed ASAP in Baltimore

Greeting Cubers, hoping to get lucky! Need prop master to travel to Baltimore for a quick TV film shoot ASAP. Starts Tuesday, most props have been adquired or ordered but […]

Portland, can New York help?

Hey Portland,  We’re reaching out to see if we can be helpful in any way at all. We have access to face shields and our amazing ArtCube Army who came to the rescue […]

ArtCube’s Call for Help

Hi All,  It’s Jess, the ArtCube Community Manager – I wanted to write to you all because I love the Cube so much. When COVID-19 hit, ArtCube’s co-founders, Eva and Liz, put […]

Announcing: Market Place for Cubers

It’s Jess Costa – ArtCube’s Community Manager. We wanted to acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times and we need to create our own economy. We’re opening an online market to […]