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Rosie Turnbull

Jun 10, 2020 12:43

✿Black + POC vendors to support ✿

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Hi cube,

One of the many things we can do to affect social and economic change is to shift our spending to the black community.

Not only is the Black, Indigenous, and POC communities currently experiencing disproportionate death rates from the coronavirus and continued systematic racism and violence by police forces across the United States, but the pandemic has also hit black-owned businesses exceptionally hard.

Reports show that nearly 95% of black-owned businesses who applied for PPP loans were denied them, and more than 40% of black-owned businesses had shut down during the pandemic (that’s almost 450,000 business owners—more than any other group).

This is a database of Black + POC owned vendors in NYC so once jobs start rolling in, our community can use their budgets to shop locally and support these vendors.

Let’s grow this so please DM /email me your vendors and I’ll add them.

Let’s vote with our money ☺


Email vendors to [email protected] or dm @rosie__turnbull


Exploits workers and fights unions.

Is largely powered by fossil fuels.

Fights tax laws that would support local economies.

Creates excessive packaging waste.

Raised minimum wages at the expense of workers’ benefits and incentives


Lowes donated 25 Million to help minority-owned businesses reopen.

Home Depot founder donated 7 million to Trump in 2016 and is financially helping with the 2020 campaign.

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