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Anastasia Tarasova

Mar 14, 2023 11:53

🍾 new wine & liquor agent🍾

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🥃 🍾🍸 Drinks on me!

Dear Cubers,
I just joined Art Cube and am excited to connect with you.
After 14+ years of working in the wine & liquors industry and collaborating with HBO's top shows like SUCCESSION  (400+ wine bottles for S4) and AND JUST LIKE THAT (high-end tequila with a personalized label), I realized how overwhelming it can be for filmmakers to navigate in the wine/liquors/bar world with so many products and even new categories (like no/low alc), not to mention cocktail trends and serving rules. And the truth is that it's not the filmmaker's job to know how to serve and pair vintage Barolo or track new female-owned liquors. So I'm here to help you with at least one task from your long to-do list.
My product placement agency - Bottles On Set specializes in wine, liquors, and any drinks you need.
See some bottles here >>> portfolio

Besides the product placement services, I can save you time and energy with the following:
🍸 period labels
🍸 fictional labels or drinks design
🍸 cocktails/serving/bar dressing and drinks stylist
🍸 restaurant/bar location (coming from the industry, I know many bar owners in the USA and abroad)

Also, my family owns two tiki bars in Miami, FL. So whenever you're visiting or maybe living in Miami - let's meet. Drinks on me! 🍹

I'd be happy to connect and collaborate. 

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