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Jun 27, 2022 03:37

144” x 50 yards canvas on roll for cheap

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I have canvas at 144” that is #10. The smaller the gauge the bigger the thread. That makes this slightly heavier than the standard 12 weight canvas from rose brand. This is higher quality than rose brand and just as smooth. These rolls averaged greater than $1,200, plus high cost logistical shipping as there isn’t a supplier near NYC. These rolls i am asking $500 per single roll.

3 or more rolls drops price to $400

I also have canvas that is #8 at 144”. This high quality canvas at 144” hasn’t been sold in the US for many many years. I am asking $750 per single roll

3 or more rolls gets $600. 

multiple roll request can be mixed. For example 3 of each, or 2 of one and 1 of another… 

If interested in 6 or more rolls I will be more negotiable on price. 

You must bring at least two people to move these rolls. They are starting at approximately 160 lbs for the #10

Approximately 200 lbs for the #8

You will also need a minimum of 12 feet in you transportation to move the rolls given they are 12 feet long.

I had this canvas custom made in India. It is of finest quality. I don’t do sets or scenic anymore and need the storage cleared out. I also have flats and kit stuff if interested come look at what I have.

Questions call or text 

eli : 646-673-6733







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