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Stephanie Carroll

May 10, 2023 08:12

(3) 6’ x 4’ Freestanding Shelves

New York City For Free

For Free Details

Market Category:
Item name:
(3) Free shelving units
Pick up
6 x 2 x 4
Item location:
West 21st and WS Highway Manhattan

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5 Responses

    1. Hi
      Yes they are.
      But I’m waiting for one other person to get back to me in morning.
      Can you wait until tomorrow?
      I’m pretty sure they will be yours.
      I can’t help you move them because I have a broken shoulder.

      1. Sorry about your shoulder! Yes, I can wait until tomorrow. No rush. Would it be realistic to watch my vehicle/double-park/do I need a second person to watch it, so I don’t get busted by the fuzz? Lol. Thanks! Looking forward to a pickup. (Heal swift!)

        1. Hi. Good news. The shelves are yours! How do you plan to pick up on Monday? As I said there is a loading dock in front of storage. 531 west 21 st between 10th ave and 11th ave (WSHwy) north side of street.
          (Be careful there is a different storage on same block on south side west 21 closer to 10th ave)

          Do you have any tools (screwdrivers) in case there’s a need to take apart? I’m not imagining that will be necessary depending on your vehicle.

          You could pick up tomorrow Friday or monday.

          Xxplease confirm still interested.
          Tel *Join to View*


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