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Yaroslaw Molinsky

Oct 30, 2020 07:54

Art Curation of Shadow Boxes

New York City Job

Job Details

Job title:
Art Curator
Union status:
$ 1000/FLAT
Kit Fee:

Hi, I work for an architectural firm which is finishing phase 2 of one of the towers of a three tower condo complex in Jersey. We are paying homage to the area it’s located which is in Journal Square, Jersey City. I’m looking for someone who can curate shadow boxes for us. I have examples attached. Most items that will go in the boxes will either be antique type from new paper printers or block prints that were used in antique newspapers.

I don’t have the exact date, but it will be before a months time I believe. I can give more details later.

Basically the job consists of opening the pre ordered frames and adhering these objects in a way where they will not budge! That’s an extremely important thing. These are going to be housed in an apartment high rise.

So please get back to me with a website of work that is comparable, so I can send this to my lead designer to look over, and a quote of how much you would charge for a job like this, I have out in a rate only because I have to it in order to send this, so figure out the hours needed and everything else???? You may or may not be installing these as well, can you please send two quotes one that include installing them in the building and one that doesn’t.

The quantity is ~90 1’x1′ shadow boxes located in the corridors of two floors. And there are 2 6’x6′ open frame in a lobby office (these will need to be curated sooner then the other ones. We will be purchasing all the materials needed. We just need everything to be curated clean and secure.

Also, some type is metal, and some is wood, the same with the stamps.

Thanks, L

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