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Eva Radke

May 10, 2020 02:08

ArtCube Army Update – Shields taking a road trip to the Navajo Nation.

New York City Off-Topic

Off-Topic Details

Greetings all!

So here is the latest…


  • 1000 shields are being picked up today and DRIVEN to the Navajo Nation. Incredible. We will document this epic journey on the ArtCube Army blog.

  • The requests for PPE from hospitals has dropped. That’s a good thing! The 10,000+ shields we’ve distributed was an essential stopgap to stopping the spread and protected our caregivers. The local supply chain with massive orders are FINALLY going out, two months later. Whew.

  • The PPE we are sending out now are to Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters, etc and we will continue until fundraiser money is exhausted. (Very soon.)


  • We are in discussions with several entities about paid work for custom orders.

  • I am also building a beta marketplace – not just for PPE – for Cubers. MANY details to work out and I will be sharing more as I make progress.


  • There are a million articles from New Zealand, Italy, France, and the tips from the porn industry about reopening. I read way more articles full of nothing but desire and no solid, workable plans from “leaders” who have never worked on set.

  • The NYPA board elections happened. I am still waiting to hear about results and if I was elected.

  • Small businesses that make EVERYTHING possible need a seat at the table.

  • Attached is the “Action Shield” worn by Set Medic and NYU EMT driver – we designed for all-day, lightweight and allows for head movement.


  • We have quite a line up of professional, self-care and fun things on our calendar.

  • We added a link to this calendar in the Nation MENU for quick reference. (You might need to refresh.)

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