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Eva Radke

Jun 05, 2020 04:44

ArtCube Army’s leftover funds donated to Feed the Freelancers

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Hey Cube,

After two months of our initiative, the COVID curve dipped, and so did the PPE requests and donations, understandably, and we knew it was time to wrap it up.

We had $624 left over and we donated that sum to Feed the Freelancers yesterday.

THANK YOU to the leaders, donors, and makers. We will never know our impact truly, but when caregivers told me ArtCube Army was essential and saved lives, I humbly have to believe them.

Starting with Cat Navarros’ call to action March 20th, the ArtCube Army produced:

  • 13,940 face shields
  • 1392 face masks with Art Makes Masks (who have way high numbers independently)
  • 14 intubation boxes via 52 Builds
  • All the gas and some supplies for the road trip to Navajo Nation
  • We adopted DownState Hospital as they transitioned to ALL COVID, buying them goggles and gowns (they were wearing trash bags) plastic sheeting and IV extenders.
  • ArtCube Army in Sacramento who made and distributed shields in California.

I think I speak for all of us in the Army, that we never want to do this again and I know more about elastic and foam than I ever wanted to.

Peace, health and justice to you Cube,


p.s. Tuesday, an EMT friend of mine dropped off 40 leftover shields of the 100 we gave her to distribute during peak COVID – those got picked up this morning to go to #blacklivesmatter protesters. BE SAFE in your activism.

UPDATE: 2/5/2020

p.p.s. I was VERY remiss in my gratitude. I also want to acknowledge those equally important and essential…

  • Those that wanted to help and geographically it did not work out
  • Those that stayed the F home.
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