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May 28, 2021 02:23

Carpenters / Job Leads

New York City Job

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Carpenter / Job Lead
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$ 30/HOUR
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Hi Cube.

Frank here,

The Factory NYC is cooking right now and looking forward to a busy summer. We have a great team in place but we are looking to expand our staff and capabilities primarily with new Carpenters and Job Leads. The focus being on people that excel in this skill set.

Positions and start dates are available as early as this coming Monday 5/31/21

We have a lot of permanent work as well as experiential work confirmed through the summer at this point and we are looking for staff that would like to work with us with the idea in mind of this becoming a regular gig for them.

A regular work week for most our staff looks like Monday -Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm. Although installs and strikes are subject to the times required by the project. We can offer a two week full time work schedule to give you some time to see if this is a good fit for your too.

It’s been an irregular year to say the least, but now I can say with confidence that we can turn this into a more substantial opportunity for some of you. If you have reached out in the past feel free to again as we are in a more solid flow of work. I apologize if we’ve spoken before and not followed up. If we haven’t been very busy I wouldn’t be asking for help now!

If you’re a great carpenter or job lead and are looking for a more fluid arrangement still feel free to reach out. It takes a bunch of ingredients to make a great soup.

Please email your Resume or Portfolio to [email protected]



(Foreman, The Factory NYC)


[email protected]

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