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Mar 06, 2023 05:19

FF – Storage Clearout – tablecloths, prop snow, foliage etc

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Set Dressing
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Tablecloths, flowers/foliage, prop snow others...
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Kensington, Brooklyn

Relisted with a couple of additions. Clearing out some props/dressing. Priority if you want more than one thing. Pickup from Kensington in Brooklyn. 

Thanks, Kate

Large Bag of White Cotton Tablecloths

These were left over from a restaurant shoot. They are white poly/cotton blend tablecloths - Threshold from Target. There are 4 full-size long tablecloths (I don’t have the full dimensions but they were for a long table) and then 4 smaller pieces that have been cut down to accommodate smaller tables. There are a few small stains on a couple of them that should probably wash out but if you have a restaurant/cafe scene and need a lot of tablecloths, or a project that needs a lot of white fabric these might be useful.

Fake foliage/flowers + wreath stands

Combined lot of various fake flowers, foliage and pieces of floral foam. There are also 2 metal wreath stands included. A lot of the foliage is smaller pieces or sometimes individual leaves as these were used in creating wreaths and floral arrangements. The flowers are of varying quality.

Bag Prop Snow

Full disclosure I do not remember the brand but it was a mix-with-water general coverage snow. Not good for clumping or dusting. It’s about half full.

Box plastic gift ribbons.

Various sizes/colors. Left over from a gift wrapping project.

Metal Wine Rack

Wall-mounted. Accommodates 4 bottles.


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    1. Hi Janine,

      Oh – sorry about that, I’m afraid I didn’t get the private message. Someone actually made a plan to pick up the tablecloths today but if it falls through I’ll let you know. Thanks

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