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Nisa Schoonhoven

Jul 10, 2018 09:53

FOR SALE: Fresh Cut Carpet

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

Hi Cube, Just found out that we will not be needing this carpet right after our truck picked it up. It is unused, freshly cut off the roll from J.A.G. in Queens. It is a light grayish beige with a diamond texture and an ever so slight lavender tint (which doesn't really read in the photos)--very nice! It is 15' wide and we requested 12' in length, but he left on a couple of extra feet past where the snag is (see photos below). So 12x15' in new condition plus a couple extra bonus feet. We paid $340 for it, so would love to get $250, but please feel free to make an offer! Thanks, Nisa
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