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Nat Hoffman

Dec 02, 2020 07:34

For Sale: Unused 4×8 Sheets Black Gloss Acrylic, Mirror, Twinwall

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Hey Cube,

I have four unused sheets of black gloss/mirror acrylic for sale, cheap. Bought extra for a shoot, and didn’t end up needing them.

Also have an unused 4×8 sheet of single-sided mirror acrylic. I accidentally chipped a corner when moving back into my studio, but otherwise in new condition. If anyone’s interested, I’ll take a photo of the chip tomorrow.

Lastly, a sheet of clear polycarbonate twinwall, 48 X 96. Photo attached showing effect of of this.

Recap — 

  1. 4 sheets new black gloss acrylic 48 X 96, 1/4″ thick, originally $90 from E&T – $35/sheet
  2. 1 sheet single-sided mirror acrylic 48 X 96, 1/4″ thick, originally $145 – $60
  3. 1 like-new sheet clear polycarbonate twin wall 6mm, 48 X 96, originally $90, $35

Text me if interested at (858) 449-9763. Pick up is at my studio, in Bed Stuy, at 544 Park Ave. Loading dock and freight for easy pick up.

NOTE: Photos are of used acrylic and mirror, and thus show scratches, etc. I don’t have any photos of the unused, but they’re brand new.

Thanks cube,

Nat Hoffman

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