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Liz Flood

Feb 18, 2020 10:32

Free Christmas Trash in Greenpoint

New York City Legacy

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Hi Cube!

I am wrapping a reality show and a have about 10 boxes of Christmas Trash. You might be thinking, ‘What is ‘christmas trash’ exactly?’ Great question! In the run of our season the contestants had to construct something out of ‘unconventional supplies’. Those supplies were Christmas things, and we are now getting rid of them. Everything is free. It is already boxed up in tall wardrobe boxes. I won’t be able to give a concrete answers about what exactly is in each box. Each box is full of random stuff. Some photos attached.

If you have to dress something christmas-y, or maybe a hoarder house, this stuff would be great.

Pick up is in Greenpoint. If you want it delivered, I can try to wrangle that.

All Hail The Cube!


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