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Robert Ludemann

Mar 31, 2018 11:56

FREE! Edsal SA-21205 Slotted Angle (Adult erector set)- Pickup Today!

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

Hi All! This is basically an adult industrial erector set. Use this to build racks, tables, etc.. We have Edsal Slotted Angle Kits. Various sizes. Originally this was (2) EDSAL SA-GPK Slotted Angle kit and (12) packs of the Edsel SA-21205 Slotted Angle Kits. This was used to make a material storage rack that I have since taken apart. There is a full box of (5) 12ft pieces (unused), about (15) pieces cut to about 96", and all remaining pieces are between 38"-48", as well as the angle plate kits/bolts etc. Pickup today only in Mineola (Saturday)

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