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Mar 13, 2023 02:04

free flats

New York City For Free

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Market Category:
Construction + Materials
Item name:
free flats
Pick up
Item location:
1028 Grand street

have 8 4' x 8.5' flats available for pick up on Wednesday the 15th after noon. good shape and totally usable. and still have some sheets of ply and MDF available if you want some of that as well. Located at 1028 Grand Street. Let me know and will not toss them or donate them. Thanks.

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    1. yes they are! And didn’t put it in the b\post but a couple smaller 4′ x 2’s and 2′ x 2’s if you want. The smaller ones were made quickly, but welcome to them. Let me know when you would be by and we can set it up.

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