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Aug 28, 2020 06:57

Free flats for pick up in Greenpoint next week

New York City Legacy

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I have a bunch of free flats available for pickup from our storage in Greenpoint any time next week.

Most have well-sceniced cinderblock pulp art attached, but that can easily pull off to get to the regular facing below.

Most are 4x10s, plus some door/window pieces, plugs, and smaller sections. Not sure of the exact number of each, but it adds up to a little over 200 feet of wall total. I’m attaching a photo of the flats, plus ground plans of the two sets they’re pulled from, so you can get a sense of the number/size.

Would of course prefer someone take them all, to make it easier all around, but we’re just trying to keep as many as possible out of the dumpster.

Email if interested and we can set up a time.

Thank you!

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