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Sean Gorski

Feb 15, 2018 06:50

Free Flats, Steel, Meso and more on the 25th

New York City Legacy

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Hey Cube! Striking a show at 59e59 on the 25th and I have a bunch of free stuff if anyone wants it. Meso - 12 full sheets of Meso, painted for a deck and only braded down. Great for another deck or whatever! Take the full lot. Spot Seat - Welded spot chair with seatbelt. Rigs to Unistrut. Huge Metal frame - In case anyone is looking... 17'x17' metal frame grid built with 1.5" box tube. Breaks into 3 pieces. Welded side arms internally. I've attached a photo below. Flats - 3- 4x7 broadway flats - Painted black with yellow 3 - 4x10 broadway flats. - painted black Selling 24 - 14" Altman scoops as well (they go in the grid) $80/unit or OBO for the lot. Thanks All!!! Sean

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