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Mar 01, 2023 08:28

*Free* Large Paper Mache Cauldron

New York City Off-Topic

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***FREE*** Cxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xâxxé xxx xxxxxxx xxxx. Txx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 43"H xx 54" xx xxxxxxxx (xx'x xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx, xx xxxxx xxx x xxx xxxxx &xxx; xxx xxxxx!). Txx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxxxxx 28.5" xx xxxxxxxx. Pxxx-Ux xx xx Bxxxxxxx (xxx: 11201) 

5 Responses

  1. Hey @terriwright

    You only need to post this in MARKET / FF. Any post you create is going to be delivered to inboxes just the same.

    Viewing the Market posts on its own page was created because so many requests came in that the STUFF was too much and those looking for other opportunities besides shopping needed an easier time of it!

    So, FYI, this appears as a duplicate, doubles the inbox pings, and is miscategorized.

    There is no need for a workaround! It’s just organized better! No biggie…

    I’m thrilled that you’re not tossing this awesome cauldron and that you are working hard to rehome it! That’s the most important thing…

    Thanks for Cubing!

  2. @terriwright

    One more thing, the MARKET POST FORMS prompt you to add all the necessary information like packing materials, size, and location, while OFF-TOPIC is not so detailed.

    The objective of the MARKET POST FORMS is to prevent needless back and forth of questions about missing information for your sanity (!) and provide interested parties with all the details from the get-go.

    NOT picking on you! I am glad to have the opportunity to explain this to the Cube!

    When someone does pick up this awesome cauldron, you can CLOSE the POST in MY POSTS. That way, in a week, you are still not emailing “Sorry, it’s spoken for.”

    The blog post What’s New in 4.0 has more details…

    Thanks for Cubing, and just know all we do is to make life/work easier.

      1. No apology is necessary, it’s a new Cube and I have to make things as easy and obvious as possible via the tech and messaging.

        I am learning what I could do to make Cube ROCK even harder.
        Thanks so much!

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