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Sean Gorski

Feb 25, 2018 02:30

Free Lighting Grid!

New York City Legacy

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Free Scoop Grid! Pinging this again! Striking a show tomorrow at 59e59 and we are getting rid of a 17'6" x 17'6" grid. 5x5 squares with custom sidearms to mount lighting instruments. The grid breaks down into three sections, 2 - 7' x 17'6 and 1 - 3'6" x 17'6. Could be cut down if you wanted to. We also have 24 - 14" Altman scoops (what the grid was built to hold ) for sale for $80/unit. They are rigged with custom color changing LEDs, the whole grid is wired for RGB! Come get this cool installation piece! Cheers, Sean
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