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Shannon Finnerty

Mar 05, 2018 09:41

FREE The Americans unloads more stuff! 479 Degraw between Bond St & the Canal

New York City Legacy

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Hello Cubers! The Americans is ready to unload another bunch of stuff except now things are located at 479 Degraw Street between Bond and the Gowanus Canal. Send your trucks or vehicles starting at 9am tomorrow. We have lots of furniture for the taking. There are some lamps, a functioning home health care/hospital bed and over the bed table and iv pole, rolling cork boards, an unused bath tub, two pallets of elementary school desks and chairs, and so much more.... Come check it out from 9am-5 tomorrow. We're still shooting so I cannot give a play by play of what's here and what's not, just come and get it. I will update what is left at the end of the day. There is quite a bit more not pictured, it was just all jumbled up and needs to be sorted out in the morning. Thanks!
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