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Artisan Fabricators Ian Warren

Mar 15, 2018 12:58

FS: 50% off retail $, EPS/polystyrene/styrofoam CHEAP BULK BIG BLOCKS

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Hi all Reposting with better tags. sorry if you get a repeat.. still figuring out new Cube interface.. We got EPS foam blocks delivered reclaimed from a commercial building contractor in VT (yay planet earth!) -- but you'd be hard pressed to tell except a little dirt on the outside, and it's 1/2 the price of new! We got too much and have the following: 23 pcs 4ft x4ft x 6in -7in thick sheets for sale cheap $12-15 ea 10 pcs $17ea Laminated into approx 24in x24in x 30” 7pcs $35ea Laminated into approx 24inx30in x 4ft Preference to who can pick up it all today/ASAP in bushwick! Thank you Ian please call or text 4136954711. i'm slow with email
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