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Aug 28, 2019 05:35

Golden Acrylic Paint

New York City Legacy

Legacy Details

Hi, folks

We got too much paint for a project and we’d like to sell what wasn’t used since we don’t really use acrylic paint. All of them usable! Below are colors and quantities. Email for price, promise it’s cheaper than stores.

Titanium White- 3 1 gallons

Ultramarine Blue- 32 oz

Medium Magenta- 1 gallon

Light Ultramarine Blue- 1 gallon

Permanent Violet Dark (Fluid Acrylic)- 2 32 oz

Dioxazine Purple- 32 oz and 16 oz (Heavy Body)

Transparent Pyrrole Orange (Fluid Acrylic)- 4 oz

Primary Cyan (Fluid Acrylic)- 16 oz

Medium Violet (Heavy Body)- 16 oz

Pthalo Blue (Heavy Body)- 5 16 oz

Mullti Purpose Acrylic Polymer- 1 gallon

Cobalt Blue (Heavy Body) – 2 16 oz

Cerulean Blue (Heavy Body)- 1/2 16 oz

And then two colors that are unlabeled but look like a red and magenta in 16 oz bottles.

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