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Sasha Flimlin

Mar 26, 2018 01:05

Halloween decorations and rope lights!

New York City Legacy

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Hey cubers, wrapping up a feature with a big old halloween set. We've got a lot of six hanging Halloween decorations! $100 for all. Used once! If youre in the market for more halloween stuff I have more that I can send prices and photos of! v spooky, and one guy talks. his voice is actually kind of unsettling we've also got a bunch or orange and purple rope lights! Orange are 50’, purple are 25’, all incandescent. All in working condition. Pretty sure we have almost all of the wall mount hooks and hardware to go with. $10/each for purple string lights, $15/each for orange. 10 sets of each color. $200 if you take the entire lot. all currently located in kingston, ny. pick up here before march 28th preferable, but can work out small delivery fee for city drop off on thursday 3/28 or friday 3/29 if you take all halloween decorations or all rope lights (or all of both!) prices/delivery fee negotiable if you take it all!

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