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Feb 19, 2018 09:02

I need your help

New York City Job

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Hi everyone! God bless it's Monday! We've made it through! But some stuff is ain't done your own stuff, shelf is still in the storage, walls are not painted, dog is aiming for a walk and least but not last kitchen is just a mess. I feel you, we are all do. I just got back from 500 miles long cycling tour in Florida, and realize I haven't been schedule yet at my regular work David Stark Inc., where I do art PAing and working at the shop as finisher, painter etc. Maybe I can help you get your stuff done? I'm reliable person. I'll provide you references from many companies and artists I've worked for. No ego, no Superegos please, I'm here to help, but still have to pay my rent. Thanks! Anything is gonna be a big help atm. Hit me up 3477039507 Maxim * Join to View * And have a wonderful life!

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