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Corey Eisenberg

Jun 17, 2021 02:59

I’ll reclaim your production’s discarded lumber

New York City Legacy

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Hi Cubeoids,

Is your production throwing out used dimensional lumber (2x4s etc), plywood, and scrap wood?

Are perfectly good wood products being thrown in the trash just because they have a few screws or staples in and no one wants to take it apart?

Lumber waste is a shame as it is incredibly reusable but often ends up in the trash in the city because no one wants to spend the time to disassemble and store it.

If your production is throwing out lumber, don’t hesitate to contact me. Text me at 973 342 4619 with a description of what you’re getting rid of. I’ll come by with my van to pick it up, dumpster dive, and save it from the landfill.



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