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Sep 09, 2019 08:30

In search of Studio Assistants @ The 1896

New York City Job

Job Details

Job title:
Studio Assistant @ The 1896
Union status:
$ 16/HOUR
Kit Fee:

Thanks for stopping in!

This is a premium area.

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Txx 1896 Sxxxxxx xxx Sxxxxx ( xx xxxxxxx xxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx Sxxxxx Axxxxxxxxx (PA) xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx - xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx!Yxx xxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx. Hxx x xxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx. Nxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx - xxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx ‘xxxx’x xxx xxxxxxx’. Gxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx, x xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx. Txxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx!Wx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx! Sxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx - xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx - xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx - xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxx.Wx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx…xx xx xxx’xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xx Lxxxxxxxx xx Pxxxxxxxx (xxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxx, x xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx) xxxx xx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx - TV, Fxxx, Cxxxxxxxxxx, Vxxxxx, Pxxxxxxxxxx, Cxxxxxxxx Exxxxx, Wxxxxxxx xxx Rxxxx xxx xxxx!Dxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxx SA’x xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx Bxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx - xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxx xxxxxx x xxxx! Fxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx. Lxxxxx xxxxxx xx x xxxx xxxx (Bxxxxxxx/Exxx Wxxxxxxxxxx). Mxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx. Lxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx/xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxxx x 9-5. Pxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx. Rxxxx xxxxx xx $15-17/xx. Pxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx [email protected].
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