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Apr 19, 2018 05:48

ISO: 2x PA’s to travel w/ Ny crew to Philadelphia for shoot: 4/25, 4/26 & 4/27.

New York City Job

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Axxxxxxxx xxxx! Wx'xx ISO: 2x PA'x xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx xx x xxx-xxxxx xxxxx xxx x xxxx. xxxxxxx. Yxx'xx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx. Mxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx - xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx H.S xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xx x xxxxxx xx Lxxxxxxxx. Dxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx. Fxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx Lxxxxxxxx, Pxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx x xxxx xxxxxxx. Wxxx xxx'xx xx xxxxx: - Fxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxx (xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx). - Axxxxx xx xxxx x xxx xxx-xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx. - 1x xx xxx 2 PA'x xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx Pxxxxxxxxxxx. - PA xxxx: $250/xxx. 2 xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx + 1 xxxx xxx xxxxx = $500 xxx xxx xxx. Pxxxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx: * Ix xxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxxxx'x xxxxxxx. * Yxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx. * Axxxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx: 3 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx. Txxxxx ! [email protected]
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