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Jun 12, 2018 11:54

ISO a canvas backdrop “donation” for an art project + leather fabric

New York City Legacy

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Hi Cubers, I’m working on an art project which has zero budget. It’s definitely a labor of love for all involved, no payment whatsoever for anyone involved. Hoping someone has an old canvas backdrop or two that they want to recycle. It can be painted or neutral, and we’re not fussy about the condition! We’ll probably end up painting it ourselves. Ideally we’d like something around 12x12’ , but would consider patching a couple or more pieces together to make it work for this project. Also - ISO old leather, either pieces of leather, strips of leather, a jacket, or old leather belts. The older, more weathered the better. If anyone has any of these items that they’d like to recycle, please email me directly. Thanks so much Cube, greatly appreciate any donations you can offer! Best, Louise.
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