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May 04, 2023 01:49

ISO Affordable Photo Studio

New York City Space
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New York

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9 Responses

  1. What day and length of day are you looking for? We have a nice room in Bushwick with a table and power. Maybe we can work something out

  2. Hi Will, had some issues with the art cube website and not sure if my first message sent. I have a space that could work with your budget. I’m happy to make it work for personal use. Peerspace listing link below so you have a reference of what it looks like. The studio has folding tables, saw horses, apple boxes, sand bags, v flats, foba camera stand and more. Let me know if you have questions or want to chat. thanks chris

  3. Hello Will. Not sure if youve any flexibility on dates as the 20th is booked at my versatile storefront space. Could do the 21-22. There is a northerly facing full wall of storefront glass– 110″ plus a glass door. Great daytime light– and recessed lighting on a dimmer switch as well. Many surfaces to photograph product. Auto poles and set paper at the location as well. Many amenities for the creative. Four outlets every 3′. Plenty of power. I will be at the space this weekend– dm me if you want to stop by. Space is listed on peerspace and storefront– can work out an artcube peer rate that will accommodate your budget.

    Looking forward,


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