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Kevin Hertzog

Jun 15, 2021 01:05

ISO Bed Stylist (MUST have experience with BEDS for this one – sorry!)

New York City Job

Job Details

Job title:
Bed Stylist for stills / retail
Union status:
$ 40/HOUR
Kit Fee:
Start Date:
End Date:

Hey Cube – me again!

I’m looking for someone who is a great bed stylist for a retail project that will take place this coming Saturday. I’m THRILLED that so many of us are super busy right now, but that also means some of my regular peeps aren’t available. We’ll be making beds in a very high end linens store on Park Avenue, and also pressing linens for the windows. Beds are definitely their own special category, so this one is ONLY for folks who have already been doing beds for a little while, at least. Unfortunately I don’t have any time for on-the-job-training on this gig.

I already have a great crew of 2 other stylists who can walk you through the specific protocols for this client, so all you need are the skills and a willingness to work well with others. This is a regular *every other month or so* gig, so if it goes well you will be on the roster for next time!

Thank you CUBE!!!

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