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Lauren Burge

Jul 27, 2018 09:35


New York City Off-Topic

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Hi Cubefriends So I’m looking for a dozen beepers they don’t need to work, but we will have to paint them so I need to buy them. Already talked to LES Ecology in gowanus. They only rent. Went to high tech electronics on the east end of Canal. Went to ABA in Chinatown... too bad Argo isn’t open still...anything but costumes isn’t going to have them in their yard sale tmrw... Need some help- if anyone has a spot that’s open tmrw... I would be very grateful. We kind of got boned- the place that said they had them misunderstood what a pager was and when we got there they didn’t have anything and by that time our day was shot. just in case u wanted to know :) Ok thank guys! Lauren Burge Production Designer 917.557.0760
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