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courtney webster

Mar 20, 2018 05:52

ISO Compact car parking near LIC Costco..1 night only

New York City Advice

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Hey Cube this is random and less art dept related and more community oriented but you've never failed me before so here goes.. My friend gave me his car but we had a snafu in me getting the plates for it before he pulled his plates off of it.. Now I need a "safe" place to park it for the night near where it is currently parked. *****NEAR COSTCO LIC****** He had it inside a warehouse attached to his job, (some set dresser thing) but there was some drama and it had to go out on the street.. I have the worst luck with getting tickets and towed and etc.. so i really don't want to put it on the street without plates but I can't get plates till tomorrow.. DMV stuff.. So do you have an indoor or off street parking place anywhere reasonable close to L.I.C. I can park it for the night and tomorrow I'll swoop in and plate it and drive off into the sunset with it?? It's small.. will fit in a shoebox!! I can pay you.. But ya know try not to gouge me... Thanks Cube Please text direct to me if you can help Courtney Art Soldier 917.929.2600

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