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Nov 09, 2022 10:37

ISO Fabricated Foam Rubble — Post Earthquake / Dystopian

New York City Legacy

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Hello Cube!

Looking to recreate a post-earthquake look for a short film. Seeking small and larger pieces of fabricated "rubble" made from foam -- can include collapsed houses, wooden beams, windows, furniture, etc. Any type of foam rubble that could be found after an earthquake or major disaster.

Contact me ( * Join to View *" class="linkified" style="color: rgb(185, 87, 164);">* Join to View * ) if you might have any leads: 

(1) we'd appreciate foam rubbles that were used in another production and is no longer needed or 

(2) pay for custom foam rubble to be created from scratch by a scenic designer / scenic artist / scenic shop, etc.

#film #local #set #dressing #art #fabrication #foam #scenic #artist #designer #shop

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