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Jun 15, 2018 01:55

ISO -Inflatable Lady Bug – 14′ needed ASAP – Phoenix AZ

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Hello Cube, I have a fun one here. I am looking to create a giant inflatable Lady Bug. I have spoken to a Inflatable Design Group and Inflatable Gurus, both are having trouble meeting the deadline that we need it. Here are a few specs we are looking for on this one. - Arrive to Phoenix AZ by July 6 at the latest - Can be inflated in under 20 seconds ( If there is not a turn key option here we can hack something in our shop) But looking at alternative materials possibly out side of the standard material used for inflatables. {Possibly parachute silks - Can be deflated in under 20 seconds. - As Realistic as possible - Approx 14' x 13'x 7'' - Motor is not Super Loud. - I am also looking for someone that can do a 50" diameter Helium Donut - Custom Sumo wrestling suits of Peter Griffin. any suggestions on vendors that might be able to pull this off are greatly appreciated Thank you all for your help..
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