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Jan 19, 2018 02:21

ISO Period Hotel/Motel Set Decoration

New York City Advice

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Hey Friends! I'm working on a micro budget and have been sourcing 50s-80s hotel and motel set dec. The sets (lower-end hotel lobby, front desk, and room) will go through a few periods so I'm sourcing for old looks and timeless feels. I've been tagging and bagging at places like Anything But Costumes, a few other prop shops, Amazon, and all my favorite thrifting places along Broadway in Brooklyn. If anyone has anything similar to the reference images attached that they'd like to get rid of (that's inexpensive), would be willing to rent out (we only need for one week), or have any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate the support! Especially a key/mail shelving unit like in the images, bedding, and practicals! I've found a few that are cute but pricey and would love to snag something that won't hit the budget hard. If you've read all of this (whether you're able to help or not) THANK YOU for your time! Hope you're all staying warm and in good health! x J.D. Moran

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