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Danica Pantic

Jul 01, 2020 12:12

ISO resources for emerging art collective in crown heights (we need paint!)

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Hi art cube community,

My friend DonChristian Jones has started an amazing arts collective/enclave in crown heights 3 weeks ago called Public Assistants. They’ve made most of the biggest signage you may have seen at nyc marches. They have a community garden/pantry, and are getting a local youth mural project off the ground in July.

They are looking for:

– PAINT (primer is a priority as they’re trying to prepare a bunch of walls for the youth initiative). You can see some of the amazing work they’ve done over the past 3 weeks on Instagram @publicassistants

– a lockup cabinet – something they can store valuables they are amassing for safekeeping

– a typewriter – a number of members are in need for a multimedia project

– bike repair gear – they’re starting a bike repair collective as well since a lot of the people who’ve been coming to lend a hand rely on their bikes to get back and forth.

– color printer + ink/toner

– plotter

– sanitary supplies as this is an insane time and we all have to be safe.

Public Assistants have been able to do incredible work and feed an entire community of young artists in the past three weeks entirely on donations. If you can help out, please contact me. Direct donations can be made to an outdoor space at safe distances. We can arrange pick ups as well.

If you’d like to contribute but you don’t have any of the above, you can donate as well on cashapp ($PublicAssisrants) or Venmo (@donchristian-Jones).

Thanks so much!!

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