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Razor Productions Rachel McIntosh

Feb 15, 2018 08:18

ISO Sculptor/Modelmaker, CNC/Acrylic/Tinted Silicone Mold

New York City Job

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Hello Cube! Have I mentioned lately that I love you? ISO A model maker/caster who can work in a translucent red material, either Red translucent acrylic CNC? or Red Tinted Silicone mold after sculpting from a vector provided, perhaps translated into your 3d file for carving... Any of you fine masters of your craft wth the skills, tools and availability early next week to work with me on a really cool project, please some work samples and a basic idea of your rates? Final Project will be 9" tall by 4" wide by 2" deep, give or take, Frosted/Matte Red, Translucent and we will need 1 of them. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Rachel Razor Productions
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