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Yaroslaw Molinsky

Sep 06, 2019 02:50

ISO Shop Lead Fabricator/Construction for Scenic Shop in Central NJ

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Job Details

Job title:
Lead Construction Fabricator/Carpenter
Union status:
$ 30/HOUR
Kit Fee:
Start Date:

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MUST HAVE SHOP LEAD EXPERIENCE AND HAVE WORKED WITH BUILDING THEATER SETS AND EVENT FABRICATION TO BE CONSIDERED.SxxxxDxx Sxxxxxx, x NJ xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx Nxx Yxxx Cxxx, Nxx Jxxxxx xxx Pxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx 2007.Mxxx xx xxxx. Axx xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxx xx-xxxx xx Fxxxxxxx, NJ. Pxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx.Sxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxExxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxMxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx Hxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxAxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxSxxxxxxxxxxx, Txxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxx.Sxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxMxxxxxx, xxx, xxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, Ax xxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxAxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxAxxxxx xxxx xxx/Ixxxxxxx, xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxCxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxAxxx xx xxxxx Mxxxx xxxx, 16’-26’ xxxxxx (x xxxx!)Pxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xx [email protected]
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