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Cheyenne Ford

Feb 03, 2018 09:24

ISO Spare Build Materials & Set Dressing

New York City Advice

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Hi Cubers, I'd love to repurpose your surplus materials from your productions or the junk you've been hoarding in your closet for way too long. Can buy for low rates. P/U any time this week or next week. - plaster (we need lots! any bit helps!) - (3) sheets of 4x10 MDF at 1/2" or 3/4" - (1) sheet of 4x8 MDF at 1/2" or 3/4" - (2) sheets 4x8 insulation foam at 2" - (4) sheets of 4x8 luan - 64" of crown molding. doesn't need to be in good condition. needs to have some sense of a lip on it. - any paint expendables (spare brushes/sponges/rollers) - bags of dirt/pete/mulch/moss - bales of straw/hay - pillar faux flicker candles - real wax taper candles (any color or size!) - (4) matching simple/old world style candle sconces/wall holders If you can help us out even a little it would do so much for our teeny passion project!!

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