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Izabelle Garcia

Sep 28, 2020 06:44

ISO Standing Microscope, Hair dryer (salon chair) and Crash test dummy

New York City Legacy

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Hi All,

Reaching some dead ends on three props I’m sourcing for next week.

Searching for a local rental for a surgical standing microscope- like the below from alpha props in LA:

So far I have checked

State Supply, Cinema world, Alpha props NYC,Doctor props, barkode props.

Likewise striking out with hair dryer chairs (the kind that has the dome that goes over your head)- Ideally I need 3 matching.

I have found one from eclectic, but again I need 3 (attached)

Last thing is a crash test dummy- of which I have contacted a couple SFX houses, with no luck yet.

If anyone has any leads, It would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank you,


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