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Brian Tubbs

Feb 11, 2021 04:48

ISO Studio mates for Shared 1200sf Studio Brooklyn Navy Yard, $650 each.

New York City Space

Space Details


ISO Studio mates for Shared 1200sf Studio

in Brooklyn Navy Yard, $650 each.

Available Now! – Contract for 6-12month lease or more

Overall Space: 1200 sf in Building at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Security: BNY require ID’s for tenants and individual liability insurance.

Rent for Shared space: $650/mo 

  • Includes shared working space: 1,000 sf
  • Each Studio Mate has a personal bay of 50sf for office, tools, and materials.
  • plus overhead storage with 12h ceilings

CONTACT: Directly email me: [email protected] , or

Email ( [email protected] ) for inquiries.

Who we are: 

  • 3 creators looking to fill a space in our shared studio with a chill artist that fits our vibe.
  • We design, build and paint, sharing some woodworking and metalworking tools.
  • Hour schedules rarely overlap each working an average 12 hours a week, so you’ll usually be able to use the whole space when building things or work together.

Studio Details & Building Logistics

  • Building Location: Adjacent to the Food Court and amenities at the Main Building 77 
  • Location: 3rd floor in a building [for working only, No living]
  • Access: 24/7 access
  • Elevators: 1 passenger elevator & 2 freights with proper loading docks
  • Space Logistics: Double Door access and Wide Corridors of Loft Building
  • Inclusions: Utilities, wifi, garbage dumpsters
  • Restrooms: [One Men’s / One Women’s] with Slop sinks, shared with other studios and serviced by BNY – kept very clean.
  • Parking: permits are available separately.
  • Transport Options
  • BNY offers Free Shuttle service from DUMBO and Atlantic/Barclay station.
  • NYC Ferry has a stop at Navy Yard on the orange line [AS], 

Your personal space:

Extra Space:


(Drill press, Spray booth)

(Saw tables)

(Creative space)

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