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May 02, 2023 12:49

ISO The 1896 Film Stage and Art Studio needs talented skilled maintenance, dress/scenic/set builders/carpenters for her day to day upkeep.

New York City Job
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Project type:
Film + TV Crew
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$ 25.00/HOUR
Kit Fee:

We're looking for talented freelancers with REAL SKILLS to work regularly on the bits around the stages/buildings that keep her up! From woodworking, scenic, set dress and Maintenance (electrical, plumbing, rigging etc.) to Prop Repair, upholstering, and inventory upkeep. You must have a good eye, you must be orderly and efficient, you must love projects and you must SELF LEAD, you MUST BE A NOTE-TAKER, you must have crazy good memory and FOLLOW-THRU on projects when you return. You must be a person  THAT PRIDES YOURSELF ON GETTING A LOT DONE IN A DAY, and will stay until it is done right.  We are trying people out in the hopes of finding someone(s) who wants a place to call home, take pride in their work and being a talented part of The magic of The 1896. (THIS IS NOT WORKING ON SHOOTS.)

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