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Mar 20, 2020 11:01

ISO undergrad class visit from film industry pro

New York City Job

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Job title:
visiting lecturer
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$ 75/FLAT
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Hello all,

I’m a primarily-theater props master who teaches a props class elective at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. One of the things I was hoping to offer my students was a guest visit with a props master/set dresser who works primarily in film. I was already planning to reach out to folks with Philly connections, but since this just became an online-only class, I’m also reaching out to New York folks.

We can offer a $75 honorarium for what amount to a 3-hour class, (and unfortunately we cannot promise quick payment as our finance department hasn’t sorted out WFH yet). The format isn’t entirely nailed down yet, since this is our first week of online teaching and we’re still figuring out how all our students will be able to connect (it might be live video, or maybe you do a video for part of the time and then we have an text AMA, or maybe….) But if you’re interested in sharing your expertise with the next generation, reach out to me at [email protected] with a little about your background. I’d love to take advantage of this unfortunate situation to introduce them to someone who might otherwise be way too busy.

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