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Nat Hoffman

Mar 31, 2019 02:29

Large Acrylic Cube Fabrication/Sourcing – ASAP

New York City Legacy

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Hey Cube,

Looking to get approximately 20 acrylic cubes (5-sided, with one open face, clear, translucent red, and translucent black) fabricated, needed by EOD Wednesday. Sizes are 24″x24″, 15″x30″, and 36″x12″ (but majority 24″x24″). Photo reference attached.

Canal isn’t sure they’ll be able to do this in time. Does anyone else have any other trusted fabricators that they think could pull this off in the time frame? Or know of any sources with these on hand in the NYC area?

Talked to E&T, and considered rentals from RentQuest, but worried about them coming too scuffed up for my shoot purposes.

Thanks guys!



Natalie Hoffman

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Brooklyn, New York 

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