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Kristen P Ahern

Jul 28, 2020 01:09

Looking for Costume Professionals for PAID mask or gown making work

Chicago Job

Job Details

Job title:
Sewing/Cutting Support
Union status:
$ 15/HOUR
Kit Fee:
Start Date:

Artists Resource Mobilization is looking for Costume Professionals who want stop-gap work while theatre and film are shut down. We founded to find paid work creating masks and gowns for medical professionals and the community but have recently expanded to other cut and sewn projects including ties to the local fashion industry through our fiscal sponsor Apparel Industry Foundation, Inc. More information:

All work pays between $15-$20 per hour (estimated) and varies depending on task if it’s hourly, piece rate, or flat rate. We are looking for cutters (hourly), stitchers (per piece), and drapers (flat rate) to develop prototypes and create instructions for distribution. All work is 1099.

By filling out the below form, you will receive weekly emails with the projects and you let us know if you want to claim one. 

If you (or someone you know) are not a costume professional but are still looking for work and have ideas of how we can create work for other artists, please email

[email protected]

If you are a costume/wardrobe professional interested in joining our efforts, please fill out this form: 

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