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Samantha Shoffner

Apr 04, 2018 09:17

Looking for electrical parts- E-CYCLE to me!

New York City Legacy

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Hey cube, I'm doing a super low budget show and we are looking for a bunch of electrical parts that the actor can tinker with that look interesting. I'm open to taking apart your electronics (as long as 10 years old or less, aka no lead no mercury!), or if you have pieces and parts that look interesting that's totally cool too, even chunks of metal and such. Can be metal pieces or computer boards, wires...I'm open to mostly anything and everything as long as the part itself is not much bigger than about 12"-14", and can of course be smaller than that as small as 2"! Looking at big reuse and some of those places, but would prefer free, and e-cycling is good, I would hate to take apart a working item for this, so I'm reaching out here! Can pick up from you anytime starting tomorrow through the weekend! Offering tax deductible donation forms if you'd like! If you have an idea of a place I can scrounge this stuff for free or uber-cheap too, I'm open to that as well! Thanks! Samantha Prop and Set Designer Prop and Furniture Rentals available to your budget! Located in Harlem!
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