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Lauren Burge

Aug 16, 2023 10:34

Urgent Looking for Gems

New York City ISO
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Jewelry + Accessories

Hey Cubetube

Heres a fun one - I need to find a gem like this today - If it were LA I'd go to the jewelry mart and get a topaz and basket and have the guy that puts it all together upstairs do it, but I don't have experience with the NY version. Does anyone have a vendor for real or fake gems that can place into a basket (the prong thing that holds the stone so you can mount it on a ring or necklace). Can't get into how annoying this has been for me or why this wasn't just shipped directly from the other shoot but there you have it. Here's an image of what we're trying to do, ultimately it needs to be affixed to a chrome swizzle stick. Help me end this nightmare. I've already tried Toho Shoji and M&J and some other garment industry places. 




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  1. Hey Lauren, Good luck! I do some work with brand Rainbow. I’ve seen a “cut” like this there before. It def won’t be real, but if you need a good placeholder, etc….

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