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courtney webster

Feb 01, 2018 04:02

Looking to repurpose your scrap Wood!

New York City Legacy

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Hey Cubists.. I'm about to build some cute shelves for my friend that just moved to New York and I'm wondering if any of you cute set shops, wood shops, or productions that are wrapping up have some nice boards, planks, etc.. floating around that you wouldn't mind me repurposing. I plan on driving around in a van tomorrow looking for the wood so if you have a shop or scrap pile I could come check out that would rule. I'm an ADC on the side when I'm not building shelves for my friends and I'm always looking to make new connections with handy set shops, fabricators, builders, etc.. Just saying! Also I'm cute and I dress well and my friend is really charming and we'll bring you hot cocoa or tell you jokes or give you our first born for a couple nice pieces of wood.. To be clear I'm not looking for 2' x 4' or 4' x 6' or 4' x 8' sheets of anything.. Just nice planks and shelf style wood.. Thankkksssssss Arttttt Cuberssssssssss... Cheers -Courtney Websssss 917.929.2600 * Join to View *

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